Friday, April 3, 2009


Mangoes are my second favorite fruit, next to durian of course!. I just love the sweetness the ripe mangoes bring to my palate. This fruits is very versatile too. There are probably a hundred and one ways to serve mango. It can be made into a mouthwatering dessert such as mango float, mango cream cake, mango refrigerator cake, fresh fruit salad and mango ice cream. It can also be incorporated into main dishes such as in the japanese cuisines. In addition, here in the Philippines, mangoes are sold in the sidewalks usually topped with shrimp paste or soaked in soy sauce. Mangoes are also exported worldwide, they are made into candies, its nectars and purees are sold in gallons and they are dried to perfection to make the famous dried mango strips. No wonder Mango is named as our national fruit!

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