Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I am currently updating my farm in my facebook account. I kinda get excited every harvest time. Seeing my brother's farm (which is super organize and obviously generating big money), I am all the more challenge to make my farm beautiful. Right now, I'm waiting for my grapes to be harvested then maybe plant some tomatoes for tomorrow's harvest. addicted? nah! I don't think so!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Last Wednesday, I celebrated my 3oth birthday. I woke up early to prepare ronald's lunchkit and when he left for worked, I returned to the dreamworld. At around 11 am, the room was starting to feel very humid that I forced myself to get up and took a bath. I left the house at around 12 noon, went straight to SM. I decided to dare myself into eating alone in a resto (which I haven't done by the way, in my 30 years of existence). I was so glad that I finally had the guts to do it. After lunch, went to grocery and bought the ingredients for my Carbonara. After grocery, went straight to my parent's house and rest. I went to hear the 5:45 mass at Assumption Parish. When it's dinner time, my parents decided to dine out. So my family plus two of the dearest people in my life went to the dine at Grand Menseng Hotel's Dinner Buffet. Ronald met us at the hotel's lobby and I was surprised that he has my favorite homemade chocolate moist cake with him. I had a great time dining out with all of the important people in my life, just missing somebody, my brother who is now based in Manila. I feel so blessed to have them around me, guiding me, loving me.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Emergence of the name “of the Marwitz”

i was curious of how my name came about and where it originated... and here is quite a discovery...

The final syllable of the name Marwitz is undoubtedly slawischen origin and stands in connection with a place Marwitz in close proximity to Landsberg to the Warthe, it already in 13. Century gave. The place is mentioned documentary for the first time 1337 as possession of the Henning v. Marwitz.

The fact that the surname comes from the place and is not turned around, is not accepted can with a high degree at probability. The appropriation of the new Marks took place via German knights originating from the west and their attendants. Usually at that time performed services were paid off by Belehnung with country. The Belehnten carried originally probably no surnames, there this in 12. And 13. Century was still uncommon. In this early time it was usual against the fact that the Belehnte attached itself to the name of its Lehens and/or was designated of others and his leaning gentlemen than - in our case - the gentleman von Marwitz.

Out of many documents it is to be taken that the way of writing of the name in 15. Century was non-uniform. Thus we e.g. find Marwytz, Marvitzen, Mareviz and Mach joke beside Marwitz. The fact that sometimes it concerns even the same man proves documents, in which the Vogt of the German medal is mentioned later once with Mach joke and short time with Marwitz. In a document in Reetz the name appears for the first time as “v. of the Marwitz” to 23. 04. 1354.

A legend means that the family Marwitz in the man trunk and only a virgin of the name had expired was present. When this came into the manable age, she traveled to the emperor, threw themselves to him to feet and requested from him the grace that the male descendants from a possible marriage might carry the name of the Marwitz, so that the name would not become extinct.

The emperor approved its request with the edition that the male descendants would have to bear the name “of the Marwitz” (instead of of Marwitz). This legend was transferred likewise to the coat of arms, which shows an old tree, from which new impulses strike, as well as one - kneel-end originally - virgin.

Summary following “supplement for the history of the family of the Marwitz” of Walther v. Diest; 1929. Supplement of Ralph v.d.Marwitz; 1960. Summary Fabian v.d. Marwitz, 2003.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Double Dutch For Mom

It was Mother's day and my mom's 54th birthday yesterday but I wasn't able to celebrate with her because they were still on their way home from camiguin. To let her know that Ronald and I remember her on her special day, we decided to buy a cake for her. I was suppose to surprise her with the delicious Strawberry Cream Fudge from Goldilock but unfortunately almost all of the cakes were already sold. I got lucky to get the last piece of the cake roll on their display stand. It was a double dutch cake roll. I delivered the cake to my parent's house with a simple note on it. I know my mom deserve more than this cake roll, it is just my way of saying thank you for her undying support and unconditional love.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Krispy Kreme the best

I'm already a big fan of doughnuts way before Krispy Kreme was introduced here in the Philippines. When my brother had a 2 big box full of Krispy Kreme as his pasalubong for us, I couldn't help but munched on it till there's nothing left in the box. Exaggerated but true. I personally love the Original glazed the most, then the Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate and the Hershey's Cookies and Creme. For the Filled cake variety, I like the the Caramel Creme Crunch and the Blueberry Cheesecake. I have to warn you guys, these doughnuts are extremely sweet. That's why I settle for the original glaze, not to sweet but perfectly tasty.I am hoping Davao City will have a Krispy Kreme branch of its own so we need not ask our friends and relative for pasalubong. *wink*

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Chocolate Brownies

As I said, anything with the shade of brown that is edible.... I'm into it!!!

Here's one recipe that I kept on baking all over again. I just can't resist the yumminess (is there such a word?!?) of this brownie! It's easy as one-two-three!!!!