Thursday, April 15, 2010

On a Magic Carpet Ride!!!!

On a magic carpet ride.... just the right phrase to describe my feeling everytime I attended or visit a trade shows. I love everything about trade shows. I love looking into the different booths and trying on different products and learning new things. Way back then, I love to check out first their food section wherein they i introduce new food products and explained how they came about with their new finished product. At present, now that I am already married, I am now more interest with things that can beautify our home like furniture and decors.
Since I love hosting parties, not only my party but my friends too, I found these nice and unique table covers in of the trade show exhibits I checked into. They comes with different designs and they can be custom made depending on what event you will use it. They also showcases wide variety of designs for table top displays that can be suitable for business-related functions. Another thing that caught my attention was the very inviting, very relaxing designs of their directors chair. They comes with different color, strong materials and can also be customized with your name. Cute isn't? Might as well check it for yourself and see what I am really talking about. Hope you'll enjoy the experience just like i did.

Swimming Unlimited

MHC RR and SICU went to FOREST HILL resort yesterday to have some sort of Bonding. We arrived at the venue around 4 in the fternoon then hit the pool at around 5:30! We enjoyed every moment of it. Flashes were all over the place as our wacky moments were documented. We had lechon for our dinner and lots of desserts.....yum..yum...yum...It started to rain after dinner so the guys gathered on one side as they started their drinking sessions while the gals were busy chitchatting and eating. The kids and some of the not so young preferred to stay in the pool. We left the place at around 9 in the evening wearing those undescribable smile on our face. It was one cool bonding that I will never forget!!! Peepzzzzz where's the next stop?

Monday, April 5, 2010


Lately I have been through a lot.....
........ i have been pondering on whether to quit job and take a long rest so that I can be pregnant but on the other hand, I will surely miss the experience that I have in Mindanao Heart Center as a recovery room nurse.
........ i have also been pondering about applying to other country since my immigrant application has been stagnant for many years now. I'm thinking of Canada or UK as of now.
......... i have also been pondering on taking culinary courses as diversional activities. I'm interested in italian cuisine and baking.

Think I'm nuts???? I don't know.... maybe *wink*