Thursday, December 4, 2008

Music and meeh!

When I was in my elementary days, my father who is a musician in his own special way, enrolled me in a piano class. I was so hesitant at first since I would rather have ballet classes that a piano class. The first few meeting with my piano teacher since I was not that very receptive with the lessons he is teaching me. I eventually got the hang of it and started learning how to read musical notes myself. Then little do I know I'm playing nursery rhymes already. From that, I was furthermore encouraged to try on some new songs until I was able to play almost all the simple musical scores my teacher gave me. Thanks Sir Harold!. My music adventure was put on hault for 3 years, I was busy with studies since I was graduating from elementary and then adjusting to my highschool life. Junior year was the most relaxed year for me that I enrolled again, this time in an electone organ class. It was a challenged for since a lot of foot works is needed. The shift from piano to organ was kinda difficult on my part but a challenging one. Now, I am a regular chruch organist here in our parish, looking back I can say that I have no regrets in giving music a try.

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